Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Day

There is no doubt that teachers hold a very important role in our children’s lives.  Teachers spend more time with our children a day then we do.  I have been SO BLESSED to have had amazing teachers thus far for my daughter.  I asked my Kindergarten Cowgirl what she wanted to give her teacher as a gift. I had some creative ideas but I let her decide on her own (without prompting from me, which is sometimes hard for me).   I could not have agreed with her decision more!!!!! 

She chose to make homemade card and flowers.
She wrote the card her self. It says,
I like the activities you make me. 
Thank you for being nice to me. 
I like you teaching me. 
Thanks for everything you do.

I asked if she wanted to buy a card and she insisted to make one herself.  She said, “ No way. Mrs. Williams would rather see my art then have me buy art on a card”.  Sometimes I am so shocked by her wisdom....of course her teacher would rather a handmade card!!!!  AND she loves to create!  She had a fun evening tonight creating, cutting, gluing, drawing, and writing. 

As a teacher myself I have to say that I LOVE a thank you card.  It is so simple and means so MUCH!  I am guilty of over thinking my gifts and doing elaborate things but the truth is sometimes simple is best.  Teacher appreciation is definitely one of those times!!!!

Need a last minute gift for the teacher in your life???  Write a card.  I promise it will be well received!!!!

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