Thursday, January 2, 2014

breaking through my weight loss plateau

I posted my goals yesterday and one of my goals was to continue with my weight loss.
So far I am very proud of my weight loss {around 40lbs before the holidays hit}.
It is been due to changes in my diet. 
I have cut out potatoes and starches and replaced them with with fruits and veggies. 
{So I mainly eat meat, fruits, and veggies...."eating clean"}
But I have NOT been working out.  I need to start! 
I have hit a plateau {for over 3 months} and I know I need to start working out to break through it.
I have so many excuses...

  • its cold {which it is}
  • I live in the country so it is a pain to drive to town to work out {which it is especially on bad roads}
  • I am a busy mom {which I am}
  • my schedule is so different day to day, week to weak {true story}

...and the list could go on and on, AND ON!!!
But as long as I make excuses I’ll get the same results.
It is time to actually start working out and find a way to make it work FOR ME!

What am I doing? 

Well first off I am doing a 30 day ab challenge {you should join in}

Then I am also doing a boot camp challenge {you should join in}

And lastly cardio {yep you guessed it, you should join in}

I am going to attempt to do cardio 3-5 a week.  It may be a jog, the elliptical, a bike ride, a walk with the girls, or whatever the day/weather/schedule allows.  The key for me is to make it flexible!

I did day one {for both of the abs and boot camp} yesterday. I looked at them and though wow this will be pud.  I did them not problem BUT I quickly realized I am farther removed from ‘in shape’ then I had realized!  It feels great to be doing something again. 

Did you set a goal for getting fit, being healthier this year?  
What step are you making to work towards your goal?


  1. Before Christmas I started T25. If you're familiar with the Beachbody program (Insanity, TurboFire, P90X) it's one of their newer workouts. Only 25 minutes and SO awesome!

    Good job starting to work out!!

  2. Good for you! I commute to work from the country every day 25 minutes so my hardest part was getting home and not wanting to work out. But when I made the commitment to get healthier three years ago, I packed my bag and ran after work in town before I came home. Then I had no excuses! We'll see how that will work with a first time baby due in February. I did sign up for the gym for the first time in a long, long time on Monday and am proud to say I have gone three days this week already.

    T25 is a great workout as Emily mentioned. I enjoy the Beachbody workouts as a quick way to do something at home.

  3. I am fixing to start Jamie Eason 12 week program its free in
    I agree it is a job trying to balance this into our lives

  4. These are great. I think I will try the Ab workout. I have a goal to get healthy this year.

  5. I try to walk or run everyday and count calories when I am on a weight loss kick... I lost quite a bit of weight before my wedding and have slowly been putting it back on the last two years. I hit a plateau after my wedding and I think it discouraged me from keeping up with the healthy lifestyle I was living. Of course, since it's the New Year and we have a cruise in February... I am back on that kick :) I like to "plank" but I keep forgetting to do it daily. Thanks for sharing your calendars! May have to give those a try.

  6. P.S. I just typed that after eating two bowls of cereal at 1:20 in the morning... because I can't sleep. Great way to stay on track.. NOT :)