Monday, November 11, 2013

metallic painted fireplace gourds

I finally finished putting out my Fall decorations last week.
One of my favorite parts is my metallic painted gourds.
2 years ago we had gourds growing in the pasture and I used them to decorate.
Then I threw them in a 5 gallon bucket 
and let them hang out in the barn for a year.
Then last year I spray painted them.
They had dried out.
All I had to do was wash them off and spray paint them.
Now all I do is store them in a tote in the basement.
They are so fun and PERFECT in the fireplace!!!!
I love the metallic colors with the candle light.
Our fireplace is no longer a working fireplace.  
I keep an old iron chandelier {from my grandparents} in the fire place with taper candles in it. 


  1. Beautiful! Love your old chandelier.... and the fact that it was from your grandparents :)

  2. Those are really cute! You could put metallic Christmas ornaments in there one December hits!