Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 days of gratitude {week 2}

I am linking up again with Kelsey over at "Keeping up with Kelsey"
She is hosting a weekly link up for us to share our daily "Thankfuls" 
{I'm sharing on Sundays}. 

This week I am thankful for......

Monday: Freezer meals
I currently have 4 casseroles, Cheesy taco soup, browned Hamburger (to put in the crock pot to make chili) and Meat Marinara sauce froze waiting for those busy nights…like Monday.

Tuesday: SNOW  
Even if I did get stuck.  This photo was my view as I sat on the road waiting for the hubs to come help me (and the girls) out.

Wednesday: Cubbies
The 5 year old cowgirl LOVES it and is learning so much every Wednesday night!

Thursday: My parents
I love that we live closer to them now (2 hours, compared to the 5 that we use to be). They are also amazing grandparents!!!!

Friday: Our home 
It is not perfect and not my forever home.  But I am so thankful for it and I LOVE THE LOCATION.

Saturday: Coffee!!!
Mmmmmm….Coffee  Nothing is better on a cold Saturday then some warm coffee, candles and family!

Sunday:  Having the whole family together. 
S (my stepson) was able to come up this weekend.  We had a wonderful weekend and the girls are so happy to have him around again, we have all missed him. 

Check back next Sunday to see my "Thankfuls" for November 11th-17th.
Feel free to join in and share what you're thankful for! 


  1. i love all yours! i see a ton that are actually getting used for mine as well, but this is so neat that you too included pictures like me!!

  2. Your family is so adorable!! And so is your home!! :)

    P.S. What is Cubbies? Never heard of it!!