Monday, November 18, 2013

30 days of gratitude {week 3}

This week I am thankful for......

Monday: My grandpa
...and all others who have served for our country. Happy Veterans Day

Tuesday: Farm Fresh eggs
Mmmmmmm.....our hens have been working over time!

Wednesday: My job
I love subbing and the flexibility I have! I was told this week by a Para that I did a great job.  That meant a lot to me.  She sees a lot of teachers and subs.  For her to take the time to tell me I'm doing a good job made my day! 
{this is a picture of my sub bag, it is a 31 bag I LOVE IT!!!!!  I have 3 of this style!}

Thursday: Days off 
....and morning snuggles with the cowgirls

Friday: Pretty nails
I have recently decided I need “me time” and once every 2 weeks I get and get my nails done.  I am really enjoying spoiling myself.  I'm loving Shellac, If you haven't tried it you need to!!!

Saturday: "S" got his deer (4x5) 
Opening morning he shot his deer!!!  Atta boy...

Sunday: Will power
I have lost over 40 lbs.  {I hope to post some before and afters when I hit the 50lb mark}

Check back next Sunday to see my "Thankfuls" for the week of November  18th
Feel free to join in and share what you're thankful for!


  1. Awesome thankful's!

  2. WAY TO GO on losing the weight!!! I'm pregnant now, but before that I had lost 43 lbs...I've only gained 8 lbs in my pregnancy with 4 weeks left to go. After baby, and when I can exercise again, I'm hoping to keep going and lose even more weight. Can't wait to see before and afters!

  3. I am loving your 30 days of Gratitude posts. Good for you for treating yourself to some girl time. You deserve it. :)

  4. I am glad you are able to treat yourself to something you enjoy!! I give myself coffee breaks throughout the week. I am not much of a nail polish person but I can see how a manicure can be enjoyed by many!! If only full bodied massages were cheaper.. I would be getting one of those every two weeks :)

    I've thought about getting into substitute teaching but not sure if it is for me or not! We will have to chat on this sometime....... :)