Sunday, October 27, 2013

Farm {fabulous} fresh eggs

Farm fresh eggs are pretty darn fabulous however they are packaged.  I was thinking last week about how I would like to gift eggs as a hostess gift (we are part of formal dining club) but I wanted them look special, not just in a left over egg carton.  I feel that presentation is important, NOT necessary but still important.  I think my art and design background has a lot to do with this.  I looked online and you can buy egg cartons that are blank and in boring colors but they are kind of $$$ (and really not that neat).  So today I decided to make my own Farm Fabulous Egg cartons.  I used {you guessed it} spray paint.  It doesn’t get much easier then spraying on a few light coats of spray paint and wrap a bow around it.  I think they turned out amazing and look more like a gift when presented this way.
Is it necessary? 
Do they taste better this way?  
Of course not
Would people be disappointed if they got delicious farm fresh eggs in an undecorated up-cycled carton?
 Absolutely not
But....I enjoy putting a farm fabulous spin on everything {even my eggs} AND I would feel better about giving eggs as a hostess gift, house warming gift or neighborhood Christmas gift when they are packaged like this.  Just think of all the fun {spray paint} colors and ribbon choices you could do for holidays and events!
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Have a wonderful week!!!! 
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  1. I think that is pretty fabulous. I'm pinning to share with my mother. She might be inspired to do the same! Great idea!

  2. How fun is this?!! I love the turquoise and orange coloring too! Home run girl!

  3. did you spray paint the inside as well??

  4. If I was at a farmer's market or something, I would DEFINITELY buy your farm fresh eggs over anyone else's, just because of the packaging! How cute!

  5. I adore this!! I'm totally going to do this!

  6. This is so cool. The Boy hates eggs but I still need them all the time for baking. Love your packaging.