Tuesday, October 8, 2013

mini loaves of bread for teacher gifts

Tomorrow my 4 year old cowgirl turned into my 5 year old cowgirl!  Since it is a school day she will be at preschool in the afternoon.  She loves school and her teachers.  They really go out of their way to make their birthdays a special day.  So we made the teachers little mini loaves of bread.  

We are giving them each 2 loaves.
(She has 3 teachers)
I packaged the up with some twine and burlap.  
(my soon to be 5 year old did the saran wrap, its not perfect but she was so proud of doing it on her own)
Then put them in a gift bag with a note saying 
"Thanks for making my birthday special!

We (the cowgirls and I) made 3 flavors of bread last night....
Pumpkin spice bread
Chocolate peanut butter bread
Red velvet cheesecake bread  
(red velvet not included in teachers gifts, I used them for a few "random acts of kindness" today)

Want the recipes????
They are EASY!  "Suzi Home Faker" easy!


  1. these look so yummy and cute!!! I wish I had the patience to bake lol haha Love your posts:)
    Erin Nicole

  2. Happy Birthday to your little cowgirl.

  3. Happy Birthday, my little cowgirl princess (as she likes to call herself) turned 3 on the 8th. I also want the recipes!! Please :)