Tuesday, October 15, 2013

no sew fringe scarf

Last week I bought a $3 t-shirt to use as part of my 2 year old cowgirls Halloween costume.  
She is going to be an 80's rocker chick (pictures will be posted when the time comes, I can't wait).  
It was a kids XS.  
I cut approximately 6 inches off of the bottom of T-shirt to make it a midriff. 
I had a 6 inch wide band, of course I couldn't just throw it away!!!!  
SO I decided to make a scarf for my 5 year old cowgirl.  
I just cut slips about 1/2 way into it (from the raw edge)
You can see that I left the hem on the other side. 
I did not measure,  
but if you wanted too I would use a piece of chalk to mark with since it will just dust off.
I pulled each piece of fringe.  
Pulling it makes the edges roll a bit to give it a more finished look.
 I LOVE how it turned out!  So fun and trendy. 
I am LOVING fringe this season!!!!
NOTE: I had made one for me a year or so ago.  I used a Mens L t-shirt.