Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Midwestern Girl Diet” Suzi HomeFaker Style {recipe}

I’ve had many ask me how I have lost my weight so far.  Well when I tell most they cringe because they think it sounds horrible.  But I cringe when I hear people are drinking a shake in place of a meal.  We all just do what works best for us individually.  So, what have I been doing???  I call it the “Midwestern Girl Diet”.  Ha Ha.  Ok not really but it kind of fits.  

I eat MEAT! 
By 'meat' I don’t mean I eat chicken and fish for every meal.  Although I do eat both chicken and fish I also eat steak, pork chops, roast, brisket, brauts, bacon, etc.  Doesn’t sound like a diet huh?  Well this next part is what makes people cringe. 

I don’t eat bread, pasta or potatoes (often). 
I well I eat them on special occasions, or when we are at someone’s house.  Since it is not a medical reason I don’t want to be a pain.  When I do eat these things I try to opt for wheat versions of my pasta, and breads.  I DO eat tortilla shells!  (Preferably wheat but not always.) .  I honestly feel amazing not eating all the extra starch and the weight has just fallen off! 

This is NOT a no carb diet!!!  
I eat a ton of carbs!  About 1/3 of my diet consists of carbs. The majority of my carbohydrates come through fruit, veggies, yogurt, and beans (I am sort of obsessed with black beans)! 

So what do I eat? 
I obviously eat a lot of meat, and then I fill in with a lot of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, yogurts, cheese. 

I don’t want to make separate meals for my whole family!  So I make a meat dish and vegetables we can all enjoy. The rest of my family will sometimes have some bread or a baked potato which is really no extra effort for me.  Then we get to set down and enjoy the same meal (for the most part) together.  Yes there is times I want a potato too but this option is MUCH BETTER than making them a meal and I sit there and sip a shake or eat a microwave meal as they eat a nice meal I prepared (not going to lie I’ve tried that and it made me PISSY, a hungry woman is not a nice woman).

I still enjoy my occasional sweets!  I am human!!!! 

How much have I lost? 
I am currently down about 45lbs.  I am excited to do a reveal post when hit the 50lb mark and show some pretty incredible before and afters (fully clothed, no bikini shots for me!)  I am currently co-hosting a DietBet and hoping it gives me the motivation to hit my 50lb goal. 

This has works well for me but I also know it is not for everyone!!!!  Luckily I am not doing it alone.  I have some great supporters who are cheering me on all the way AND better yet if have god on my side.  CLICK HERE to read about the beginning of my weight loss journey and how it helped me come to terms with my journey and my goals ahead.  

Here is a favorite go to recipe of mine!
  • Brown 1/2 lb hamburger
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning {you can make your own, I do}
  • 1 can undrained black beans
  • Jalapeños
  • Simmer for a few minutes to thicken
  • DONE!!!
  • You can eat it on tortilla shells, over lettuce as a salad {delish}, plain in a bowl {like Mexican chili}, the hubs likes it on baked potatoes {of course he does}. 
  • You top it with your favorite toppings, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, etc. 
There is a quick video demo on my Instagram you can find me at @chores_chandeliers

Of course fresh veggies are best but my garden is not yet producing.  But the local farmers market opens tomorrow so I'll be hitting that up! 


  1. Suzi, you look great! You have some strong willpower ;) Can't wait to see you hit the 50 lb mark, I just love your spirit :)

  2. You're doing awesome Suzi!!!! And I agree, we eat meat at every meal. I've had people tell us it's not healthy to eat so much meat, but we still eat it ;) My weakness is definitely so much pasta, breads, potatoes.... need to work on that. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. You have done phenomenally! Keep up the great work!

  4. This is great advice, lady!! I have SO MANY friends doing the shake fad and all these "challenges" .... You're setting up great life time habits.. not something we just do in 14 or 21 days and we're done. I look forward to your following posts!

  5. Yay for you! The carbohydrates and the form we consume them in is HUGE! You've got it figured out girl. I do love a good protein shake though..... but NOT as a meal replacement. So boring. It's my nighttime snack or after an incredibly heavy lift day. Can't wait to see your reveal. 45lbs. DAMN! You rock!

  6. You go girl that is awesome and I know you must feel over the moon
    I've been stuck in a diet rut because I don't want to starve my self and I'm not a shake or meal replacement person I like to eat my food not drink it down. I will have to give this a try it sounds so easy and I don't see how I could get burn out because Im not stuck eating the same thing day in or day out. Are you counting calories also or just cutting out a few things. Breads are my weakness so I know cutting it out except for rare occasions is going to hel

  7. Fantastic! 45 pounds is great! I've been trying to lose some weight and have been working out but...not losing much very fast. Good job for you!