Friday, May 30, 2014

DietBet PRIZES!!!!!!!

I am supper pumped about doing this DietBet.  I want to remind everyone to check in as often as possible on the DietBet site.  The more you “check-in”, post, encourage, motivate, share photos, recipes, and exercises the more likely you will stay on track AND help out fellow DietBet-ers.

If you use Instagram please use to hashtag #TaylorSuziDietBet.  Also feel free to add me @chores_chandeliers and Taylor @taylor_truckey 
This is going to be a fun month!!!!!!

We are giving away some randomly and also some the go along with some “awards”.

Here is what we have so far…..

  • Blue Stainless steel water bottle – Person who post posts and comments more on Instagram
  • Glitter Dog Leash - Person who works out with their dog most
  • Note cards – Most inspirational
  • Subway Gift Card – Person who makes the best food choices “on the go”
  • Suzi’s Favorite workout socks – Person who log the most workouts on DietBet website
  • The overall winner (according to Diet Bet) gets a Gift Card from Pink Slate Boutique to buy some new threads!!!!!

And we also have these to give as we see fit throughout the month.

  • 1 green stainless steel water bottle
  • 1 pretty little notebook for a "food journal"
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2- $15 giftcards from Pink Slate Boutique
This kicks off Monday but weigh-ins start tomorrow (if you chose)
ALSO share the DietBet with friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the old fashioned way but just telling them about it :) 

Haven't signed up yet?  
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  1. This looks AWESOME!!!!! So proud of you guys! I'm checking it out now :)

  2. Yahoo!! I'm so excited :) thanks for hosting! -Karlee