Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New patio table on old base

I often see table bases for free at actions, sales, garage sale, or just out on the curb.  The wind is famous for grabbing them and taking them for a ride leaving ONLY the base.  What can you do with just the base?????

We recently built a low deck (or wooden patio) outback.  I LOVE how it turned out and was excited to have some friends over.   
Moments before our friends showed up I was putting the umbrella in the old glass table and somehow I managed to shatter the whole thing.  Glass was everywhere!!!!!  SUCH A MESS!!!!!!  The Hubs being the proactive guy he is got it all cleaned up and hauled glass and table base out to the junk pile. We had a wonderful evening with friends even though we ate with our plate in our lap!  :)  The following day was Mother’s Day and the Hubs had bought me new chairs to go with the table {so we could stop using the cheap plastic ones we had been using, see picture above}.  But now we had no table to use them with!  Go figure!!!  My wheels started turning.  I asked the hubs to bring back down the table base from the junk pile.  He was not super impressed by the idea but he did with a smile {ok maybe more of a growl and a grumble, not that I can blame him}.  His mood quickly improved when he realized we would have a new table in less than an hour and for FREE!  We used left over wood from the deck and the decorative privacy wall/windbreak we built.

The frame
Drilled holes through it so we could attach it later
Time to start cutting boards
Laid out the table top (top side down)
Cut support boards (make sure they line up with base)
Screw them all together
Attach base with more screws
Seal with Poly

Overall this whole deck project was a fast and affordable one with a lot of impact.  The deck came together so quickly.  We started on Saturday morning around 9 and finished by 2 that afternoon.   We are now able to utilize an unused portion of the deck.  It was much needed.  We not have a shaded place out of the wind.  WIND. The wind is a huge issue so being nestled back in the corner solved that problem perfectly!!!
Here is the place before….
And the after….
We need to still plant some grass but it's SO MUCH BETTER!!!!


  1. Sooo cool! I think the wood looks way better than the glass top anyways! ;)

  2. This looks so cozy!! What a fun space to share with your family this summer :) I love the idea of building your own table! We definitely couldn't afford the hefty price tag on outdoor dining sets after we built our house. We had a beautiful deck to enjoy but no furniture... so we made a big picnic table and painted it to match our shutters. It works great for now! I definitely like your wood table so much better than the glass tops! This way you don't have to worry about the wind catching it too :)

  3. Awesome job! Not that I'm wishing something would happen to our glass topped table... but if something did I'd totally be convincing the hubby to make me one just like yours!!

  4. Looks great! Nice work on the table! That's one of my favorite things (to see people remaking and reusing old stuff) Love the whole new look of the area.
    Fancy Ewe

  5. I'm stopping in from the CFBP. Love this idea! It has started my wheels to turning...