Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

We had another busy year 
Everyone says that right? 
I’ll quickly hit the highlights and let you keep moving with your own busy life! ;)

The Hubs is still at the lumber yard.  He has been with the company for 15 years now.  
He is keeping very busy working on building our new home!!!  
He still tries to fit in golf whenever he can. 

Suzi is in her 2nd year of being a k-12 art teacher in a small rural school.  
She and her friend have started teaching painting classes/parties. 
She is also excited to start working on the “fun stuff” in decorating their new home.

S is a Sophomore in High School.  
He is probably the busiest of us all.  
Between football, wrestling, track, lifting, camps, working, 
and fitting in time for friends an family he is always busy!  
He is doing great in school and we are super proud of him.

The oldest cowgirl is a 1st grader and is excelling in school!  
She loves to read.  she is becoming quite the talented artist!  
This year she started  gymnastics and basketball.  
She is also helping mom decorate the new home and is excited to have her own room soon.

The little cowgirl started preschool this year.  
She is having a great time and enjoying it very much.  
She loves her animals and to be outside.  
She is excited to be a “big kid”.  
This year she finally gets to go to church on Wednesdays nights and gymnastics 
with her sister. 

God Bless You,

Suzi {and family} @ chores and chandeliers

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