Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Teaching art IS my passion!!!

Today I was at a workshop and it has me reflecting back on one of my all time favorite teaching posts......

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!  I honestly do.  Being an art teacher is exactly what I am meant to do.  I LOVE coming to work every day!!!!  That being said I look forward to every weekend, snow day, late start, break, and vacation. 

Here are a few of my random {art teacher} thoughts…..

I don’t just teach art.
I also teach history, vocabulary, manors, discipline, integrity, work ethic, respect, compassion, responsibly {and the list goes on and on}.

I haven’t made art since I became a teacher.
How’s this possible with all this art being created around me daily?  Well I just never have enough time to think of an idea, and execute it.  Unless you count the 3 minute Jellyfish I made yesterday when showing water color techniques?!?!

I spend a lot of my own money. A lot.
I don’t think a week goes by when I’m not at a store picking something up for my classroom. I don’t think a week goes by when I’m not scrounging through my personal supplies for materials to use in my classroom.  

I hate the question, “What are we doing today?”
It honestly makes me cringe.  Please don’t ask it because I have yet to forget to tell you what we are doing when you to came class. 

I love the naughty kids!
Yes they cause problems, act up, distract others, and say things that shouldn't be said; but they are also the ones who bring a lot of joy to my job. I love a kid with spunk!!! 

I have a name!
Please don’t call me “Teacher”.  I don’t call you “Student”.

I like a clean classroom!!!!
Pick up after yourself.  I know you know where the glue gun goes; you just got it out 40 minutes ago.  

I don’t like teaching every medium.
I have my favorites and I focus on what I like best.  Sorry all art teachers do it….Okay, maybe it has a little to do with the mess some mediums make.  

Sometimes I wish I taught a different subject area. 
It sure would be nice to have a set lesson plan and book to follow.  Then reality hits and I remember who I am and realize I would go crazy on a set schedule like that (but it is appealing some days).

I hate to grade!
I put it off as long as I can.  So my grade book is always behind.  I get not satisfaction out of grading work.  I wish I could have a TA do it but that’s not really an option in art.  

Art is not an easy A.
Please don’t take Art for an easy A.  Take art because you want to be creative, try hard, and do something different from your other academic areas.  Try and I promise you WILL pass….but I wont promise an A.

I show up for the students.
I’m not in it for the fame and fortune (because we all know that’s never going to happen).  I show up for the elementary students who hug me. I show up for the students who tell me they love art class. I show up for the students who express excitement and pride.  I show up for the High School students who use the art room as their safe place.  And yeah, I show up for the students who can’t sit still in their seats, can’t refrain from blurting out, don’t like art, ignore me, and who would rather be anywhere else but art class. I show up for the students.  All of them.


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