Sunday, October 4, 2015

We did it!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!
My friend Sarah and I hosted a painting class at Kinkaider Brewing Company in Broken Bow. 
Spirits and Showpieces.
It went great!!!!  We had 33 ladies show up!
Sarah and I split up duties.
She made 36 easels!!!! Yes she MADE 36!  
They were awesome! 
She also bought and washed 36 aprons.
She did the whole business portion (books, schedule, money, etc.)
I bought the paint, brushes and taught the class. 
Sarah helped out by refilling paint and assisting people throughout the whole class!
I honestly could not have done it without her. 
I have no idea how one person could have done it (or at least do it well)!
We are both artists and agreed we wanted to break it down to a step by step instruction but yet we didn’t want to make it to crafty and generic. 
We gave a lot of variations, options and artistic freedom
I gave 3 back ground options (Turquoise, light neutrals, and Dark Blue) and then they could chose to do white or orange pumpkins.

We had a WIDE variety of pumpkins!!!!  I LOVED THAT! 
They all worked so hard and I loved just watching them work. 

I really did not want them to all look like mine 
{the art teacher in me would have cried}.
They look awesome huh? 

{This is the demo I did during the class.}
Have a great week!


  1. Thank you Suzi and Sarah, I had a great time! So much fun, well organized and easy to follow. So many different finished paintings, not to mention the laughter and spirits from Kinkaider! Thanks again!

  2. How awesome! If you ever come to Lincoln to do a class let me know. I will bring my mom, MIL, sister, SIL, and whoever else I can find:)

  3. They do look amazing! I wish I lived closer, I'd make you give me lessons. I can't paint a lick but I'd love to learn :)