Thursday, July 24, 2014

nothing a little rust and distressing wont fix!!!

My mom had this old hutch and she asked me to redo it for her.
It has been hanging out in my garage for months!
{don't worry} It had good company,
I have other furniture out there waiting to be 'fixed up'. 
This past week I finally started in.
It was a simple 1 day project (my favorite kind)

She gave me complete creative control.  
Her only request was to get rid of the ugly plastic windows. 
I had no idea what color to paint it.
So I went 'shopping' in the mis-mix paint section of the lumber yard.
After picking my paint color it was time to do the prep work.
removing hardware+sanding=boring 
I always knew what I was going to do with the windows.
Chicken wire!!!
When we did the coop we had VERY LITTLE left over
and the hubs wanted to throw it away.
I stashed it away in a safe place for a future project.
I am so glad I did .  It was perfect for this hutch!!!!!
I love that there is some rust on the chicken wire!!!!
Click here to see my technique for painting and distressing. 


  1. Oh that is beautiful I am sure she is very very pleased. Great job. B