Wednesday, July 2, 2014

classroom projects have begun

My wheels have been turning since I accepted the job.  If you haven't heard yet I am the new art teacher at a nearby school.  I will be teaching K-12 Art.  I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  I have so many ideas.  Classroom layout, decorating ideas, lesson plans, classroom rules, hallways displays, oh the list go on....

Where do I start? I sat down an wrote down lesson plan ideas for all grades and tried to map out the first few projects we will do for each.  I don't have class numbers yet and my classroom is under construction so I can't get in there to really feel things out much.  But I am getting new windows and sinks.  I am pretty darn excited about that!!!

I started a few projects here at the house.  A chair (for my desk), a coat tree (I can't stand jackets on the floor, they are trip hazards and it's the art room so there are a lot of spills), and a piece of wood (to make a sign out of).

I started by painting them all turquoise last week.
Then today I painted "Mrs. Campbell" on the wood and took a sander to it to distress. 
I just added some ribbon (by stapling it to the back) to hang it with.
(yeah I match, it wasn't planned)
Next I took the sander to the chair to rough it up and then I recovered the seat.  
I found a beach towel on clearance and I LOVED the pattern.
It was a cheap and practical "fabric" to use.
Cute huh???
Recovering a seat is easy!  All you need is fabric, scissors, stapler, and staples.
I just go over the original seat cover.
I love how the chair turned out and I have a bunch of "fabric" left over for other projects. 
And then lastly I distressed the coat tree with the sander. 
 My 1st 3 classroom projects are finished!
I can't wait to get into my room and start getting it all set up and organized!!
Here are a few of my other purchases for my room...Oh the possibilities


  1. I am in love!!! So jealous you get to have your own classroom to decorate!! Enjoy every minute girl!!


  2. How cute! Being an art teacher will be so exciting, looking forward to the pictures and stories when school starts up.

  3. this stuff is major cute!! i kinda wish i went to hs again just to see your room! LOVE the colors you went with!

  4. How fun! You are going to be a great art teacher!! Congrats on the new gig.