Thursday, April 11, 2013

wedding popcorn bar

This past weekend my baby brother got married. 
It was a beautiful day!!!!
They looked so happy and in love!
The weather was perfect.
He married into a wonderful family (so did she).
The decorations turned out very nice. 
I did not help with them, BUT I did get to set up the popcorn bar.
My sister and I did the popcorn bar and it turned out so cute!
(If I do say so myself)
We set it up on an old wooden spool
and used galvanized buckets and feed store scoops :)
We did 3 types of popcorn.
(Caramel corn, Kettle Corn, and Plain)
And 8 different kinds of seasonings.
(cinnamon and sugar, white cheddar, ranch, butter,
parmesan and garlic, popcorn salt, rosemary salt)
And 2 mix in options
(peanuts and m&m’s)
We used small white bags to fill.
They had an overall Birch tree theme through the reception (which was very neat!!!)
So we used some extra logs as risers and decoration on our popcorn bar.
It was a HUGE HIT!!!!!!! 
Everyone enjoyed it and A LOT of popcorn was eaten. 


  1. That is so cool! I've never seen a popcorn bar at a wedding before (and I've been to A LOT of weddings)!

  2. Really cute! We are thinking about having a popcorn bar at my grandparents anniversary party.

  3. That is such a cute and unique idea! Love it! And you could even use it for any type of party!

  4. This is fantastic. I'm sure guests and your brother and wife really enjoyed it.

  5. That is a genius idea! Wyatt doesn't like cake so we had a chocolate fountain at our wedding..not that I'm going to go all out for Wylie's first birthday, but I love this idea and may have to look further into doing this for him

  6. Amazing!! I want to taste all of that so bad!

  7. LOL I had the same thing at my wedding! Take a peek at

    Thanks Shelly