Wednesday, February 6, 2013


What are your thoughts on tattoos?  Do you have any? 
I am a very conservative person so many people are surprised to hear that I LOVE tattoos!
(my husband dos not share my love of them)
I am an artist.
Have I told you all that yet?
I studies art in college (right after high school) for 4 years.
I ended up graduating with a degree in Interior Design.
I recently went back to college and got my teaching license. 
So now I can teach art. 
I would love to be an art teacher!!!  (Someday I will)
But I am currently a substitute teacher and mommy.
It works out great!
Anyway……I love tattoos and see them as art!
I already have one.   I got it when I turned 21.
I drew it up and the tattoo artist did a great job on doing it exactly how I had it drawn.
I really want another one but as I said earlier I plan on being a teacher,
I LOVE where I live but it is very conservative and tattoos can raise a few eyebrows. 
And to be honest some people can be a bit judgmental when it comes to tattoos.  
Tasteful subject matter and placement are very important to me!!!
Anyway…I will be getting another one soon(ish).
I have few ideas I’m still working on.

I love these....
So true!

Do you have a tattoo?
What are your thoughts on them?


  1. Whoa, love both of these! The second reminds me of my husbands. :)

  2. I do not personally have tats but would love at least one. I have been told that once you get one, they get addicting. I look at them as art and will comment when I see nice ink. Applying for jobs this past year, I ran across many companies that did not allow visible tattoos. I can see maybe not wanting employees to have face tats or a full head, but NO visible sounds a bit stifling to me.

  3. Right with ya in small town nebraska, here in southeast nebraska our town is less than 500 so i totally get that! ;)

  4. I like tattoos on other people but not on me or my husband! haha When we were dating he got a tattoo without asking me. I was so mad at him. I do have a tattoo though that I got when I was a teenager on a trip to Costa Rica. I don't regret it at all. So I kind of take it back I like tattoos just not big obnoxious ones.

  5. I love tattoos! They have to be meangingful though. I got a rose when I was 17 (yikes!) and I do regret that one b/c it doesn't mean anything to me...except that I was young and dumb! LOL! But after my Dad passed away I got Love, Dad (in his handwriting) on my ankle and I absolutely love it! And when I'm finished having babies I will get something special with their names incorporated.

  6. I agree that tattoos should have a personal meaning!!! My tattoo is of a lily. My name (Suzanne) means a lily. And it is purple, my birthstone color. One part was to say Joy (my middle name) but it was so small so it never really showed up.

    My next tattoo will either be...
    1. "Joy"
    2. Something for my kids
    3. "Luke 6:31"

    Lisa, I love your tattoo in honor of your dad. I think it is one of my all time favorite tattoos! So sweat and sentimental!

  7. I have a couple and love them! I will pry get another one...I have lots of ideas...and are always running across new ones I love!

  8. I am a teacher, and I have a tattoo. I don't show it to my students, but I am not ashamed to talk about it when they ask me what I think. I too was 21 when I got mine, and I still love it. I would have more if given the option. I have a degree in Anthropology, and tattooing in most countries is not the "taboo" that it has been historically in America. I don't think it should be entered into lightly though either. I consider it to be a luxury, not a necessity, and in these times, as a responsible parent, I can't justify spending the money on another tattoo when I could put it away for something that is beneficial to my family, which is the only reason I don't have more (my hubby doesn't necessarily like them either). Also, as a professional, I hold my career in the highest regard, and I would never entertain getting inked in a manner that would create distraction from my position as a professional in the classroom. However, in my "other life" as a camera artist, well, it is hard not to succumb to the desire to get more...I feel like they help illustrate who I am...even if they are not "out there" for everyone to see.

    1. Very well put! I totally agree!!!
      I never know where I may end up or what I will be doing professionally 10 years from now. I don't ever want a poor choice now to limit me later on. As much as I want to think tattoos shouldn't come into play, they do. I love tattoos and I even catch myself at times thinking about a person with tattoos differently (good and bad).

  9. Funny story- just the other day I was describing to my friends some shady people I saw and described them as "smokin cigarettes and had tattoos"...turns out the four other girls with me all had tattoos, we laughed about it but I still wanted to put my foot in my mouth :) I don't currently have any but am not opposed to getting one if I ever felt compelled to :)

  10. I'm all about personal choice. I don't have one, and I don't want one (that may have more to do with self inflicted pain than the tattoo itself) but my husband has one, and I have lots of friends who have one. Autonomy, something I first learned about in college really, is a person's independence or freedom, as long as that freedom doesn't infringe on the rights of others. I believe in that with all of my heart. I try really hard not to judge others, it isn't my place to judge anyway! Only God has that power and I shouldn't be trying to do His job! So go for it Suzi. You read my blog at and you know how I feel about small towns. I love mine, the place I've grown up in. However, the truth is for some reason, people do often think that they have a right to judge. I say, go ahead anyway, and expose them to something new and more. Challenge their belief systems a little!

  11. I have a pink ribbon tattoo for my mom and grandma, who are both breast cancer survivors. I personally LOVE tattoos, and have the picture of the next one I'm getting, which is a cross. I have the ribbon on my achilles on the left inside. I want the cross on the side of my ribcage on my left side. I can cover both up if I want, and no big deal!

  12. I got a few when I was in my 30s -- but have no interest in any more. I think if you want to get one -- go ahead, life is short. :)

  13. Hi there...visiting from the BMB party over at Rural Journal...happy Valentine's Day. I don't have tattoos but my kids do / it doesn't bother me ! :)