Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guest post AND Instragram

Yesterday I was a guest blogger over at The Williams Farm.
Stop on by and pay her a visit!
She is a sweetheart.  
We met online through our chicken coops!  (true story) 
We have a crazy amount in common, 
She is one of the reasons I love to blog,  
making connections with like minded people 
I would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet.
And seriously how cute is this picture of her family???

Also, I finally made an Instagram account! 
I am HOOKED!!!!! 
How did I wait this long to actually make an account.  It’s so fun.
Do you have an account?
If you do, follow be.  I’d love to follow you back!
And if you don’t, GO MAKE ONE!  :)

Here is my Instagram

And if you don't already you can also follow me on...


  1. I had an Instagram awhile ago, but I get social media claustrophobia/overload sometimes so I haven't used it for almost a year..BUT I will follow you if I decide to use it again!

  2. I'm visiting from the Boost-My-Blog Party!
    Happy Valentines' Day! May your day be filled and overflowing with LOVE! :)

  3. Officially following on Instagram! Mine is mtprairieprincess