Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas in the Country

I am just finally getting around to post about a really for gift exchange I did over the holidays.
It was a Christmas in the Country exchange.

Elizabeth from Circle The Wagons had me and she sent me some really fun gifts!!!
I got a Coffee mug which I LOVE!!!  
{and it is perfect with my new Keurig that I got for Christmas from the Hubs}

Some turquoise earrings, an ornament, and a variety of hot chocolate mixes were also added into my gift! 

She also sent me some really fun Milkinis chocolates that I had never heard of but BOY WERE THEY GOOD!
They come individually wrapped so they were the perfect little snack  
I even snuck some into my Kindergarten Cowgirls lunch box.  SHE LOVED THEM!!!

I really lucked out being paired up with such a giving young lady!  THANK YOU!!!!

You can also see what I see what I gave HERE.

You can also check out all the other gifts given HERE.


  1. Suzi,

    Thank You for participating in Christmas in the Country 2014! Looks like Elizabeth's gifts were a hit at your house.

    J's Cousin has a Keurig and we were exposed to one last weekend. It's an awesome little machine. I think it made the "when the coffee pot dies" we should get one short list.

    Have a great week!

  2. Yeah!!! I'm glad you liked it and the packaged arrived in 1 piece!

  3. Thanks so much for participating and sharing! We loved having you, and it looks like you got a really great gift too!

  4. Thank you so much for being a part of Christmas in the Country! What a fun gift from Elizabeth.
    Laurie - Country Link