Tuesday, December 23, 2014

it has been a while....

Well it has been a while...what have I been up to????
Mostly just being a mom, wife, and teacher.
Things are all going amazingly!
It is currently on Christmas break from school.  
We get 2 weeks off!!!! {YAY}
I am super excited to be out on break but I am LOVING my job!  
I feel as if this is 100% where I am suppose to be!

Now that it is Christmas break I am hoping to get back on track with blogging 
and then fitting it back into my weekly schedule.

Here is a quick picture update of what I've been up too since August.
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen most of these
{and if you don't follow me you should @chores_chandeliers}

I worked in my classroom to get my room all set up and ready for the year.

The oldest cowgirl started kindergarten this year.

Start back up a High School Art Club.

We painted business windows for homecoming.

S did great in Football.  He lettered as a freshman.

I had the opportunity to help out with one acts at school (sets and some makeup).  
We have an amazing group of kids and they went to state....and got 2nd!!!!!!  So proud of them!!!!

I cut my hair,

The littlest Cowgirl turned 3.
We celebrated during a husker game.

The next month the oldest cowgirl turned 6.
Her party consisted of a few friends and pumpkin pinata.


I lost my diamond :(

S is now wrestling.  It makes long days but we love going!!!

I won the ugly sweater contest at work.

Here are a few projects we have done so far this year a school.

The girls got their Santa letters.  Both made the "nice list".

They wanted their picture taken in the nativity...SO WE DID!!!

We are going to have a white Christmas this year!!!!

Well that was a quick update.  Check back soon for more posts from me.

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  1. YAYYY! Just checked your Blog for an update and there was more than ONE!!!
    Looks like you guys have had a busy year!
    Happy New Year!!!

    Laurie :)