Thursday, December 20, 2012

Everyday cowgirl: The Farmer’s Wife

I am excited to introduce you to this week’s “everyday cowgirl”
The Farmer’s Wife,
an agriculture advocate learning as she goes.
Some girls grow up knowing exactly what they want to do when they grow up. 
This week’s “everyday cowgirl” knew exactly what she DID NOT WANT TO DO! 
She did not want anything to do with the “stinky dairy farm” 
she passed on her way to and from school. 
She knew nothing of agriculture, farm life nor did she care too.
She thought all farmers were old, dirty & stinky.

THEN….She met a man….and fell in love. 
He was a Farmer….a dairy farmer.
(He was not old, stinky or dirty)
Guess where he lived???
You guessed it…..The “stinky dairy farm”.
They got married….she became The Farmer’s Wife
She had no idea what she signed up for when she said "I DO".
Dairy farming is not for the faint of heart!!!
But with her handsome farmer by her side it is a bit easier!
She was busy doing books, chores and learning as much as she could about agriculture
through hands one experience and also through research.
The Farmer’s Wife is a mother of 3.
A home school teacher and a soon to be 4-H mom.
The farmer does much of the work on his own.
He does have 3 part time employees.
They milk 170 cows in a double four parlor.
Finding and keeping good help has been a struggle over the years.
They have found themselves without hired help more than once. 
They always get through it.
The Farmer’s Wife is not afraid of hard work!
She pulled the kiddie pool into the milk house and a swing into the milk parlor.
That’s where her kids hung out so they could be close by as The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife worked away!

They are currently sitting with some great hired help
but there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done.
So The Farmer’s Wife finds herself out working often.
Feeding calves, pushing cows, scraping the barn, raking stalls, and the list goes on…
And remember she is doing this with 3 kids!!!
The farmer came from a dairy background,
HE is a 4th generation dairy farmer.
but he started from scratch in May 2009 with HUGE dreams
at the “stinky dairy farm”.
They are now becoming her dreams also!
And together they are making them happen!!!
The Farmer’s Wife is still learning a lot about dairy farming and agriculture.
She attends the local co-op and cattleman association meetings.
She is also not afraid to do things she has never done before.
The world of dairy farming has introduced her to A LOT OF NEW things!
She looks forward to the coming year, 
she already has plans to learn how to drive the chopper and AI cows.
She is currently on a mission to learn everything she can about agriculture
and to educate as many people about the true facts.

I recommend that you all follow her in her mission!
You can follow her at Twitte
She prefers Facebook due to its convenience. 
(she is a bit busy)
She is very active on facebook and a lot of fun to follow! 
She may be living on the “stinky dairy farm” now but she still likes to look Farm Fabulous!
She has great style and posts cute outfits on her facebook page.
Go check her out now!

THANKS YOU SO MUCH for being an “everyday cowgirl”.
Your hard work, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm
along with being a great mother and wife.
makes you an excellent “everyday cowgirl”

Are you an everyday cowgirl?
Please send me your pictures and tell me how you are an “everyday cowgirl” at

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