Thursday, May 19, 2016

end of year teacher gift

School is out for the summer!!!!!
Once again this year we had amazing teachers for the girls.  
We chose to give a little parting gift.
So...What do you give a teacher for an end of the year teacher gift?
This year we gave beach towels.  
Rae's teacher spends a large portion if her summer at their lake house.  
Hers said,  "Have a great summer at the lake".
We often see AJ's teacher at the pool.  
Hers said, "We hope to see you at the pool this summer".
The gifts we gave were not expensive or anything fancy 
but the girls were so excited to give their teachers a gift to say thanks.

Now that school is out I am planing on blogging regularly again.  
I can't wait to give a home tour!!!!